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Fact Sheet

  • SIMDATE saves time, money, and resources during the testing phase of a year 2000 conversion, by far the most time consuming and costly phase of the project.
  • Licensing of SIMDATE demonstrates due diligence in your year 2000 testing process. Show superiors and investors that you did everything you could to test your code in a simulated year 2000 environment.
  • SIMDATE works with ILE RPG programs as well as non-ILE RPG, non-ILE COBOL, CL, and all non-bound APIs. ILE COBOL support is coming soon.
  • SIMDATE supports interactive group and non-group jobs as well as batch jobs.
  • SIMDATE does not require access to restricted system commands such as CHGSYSLIBL or CHGSYSVAL.
  • SIMDATE avoids the need for a dedicated AS/400 for year 2000 testing.
  • SIMDATE is easy to install and use. Installation takes only fifteen minutes. There is only one command to remember: SIMDATE.
  • Since the system date is never changed, SIMDATE allows testing without impacting production applications or systems.
  • Multiple programmers can test their programs or applications using different virtual system dates at the same time. One tester can be using December 31, 1999 while another is using February 29, 2000 or any other date. Use SIMDATE to test the performance of your systems at month end, quarter end, fiscal year end, or calendar year end.
  • No source code is required. SIMDATE allows testing or compliance verification on vendor supplied code for which no source is available.
  • SIMDATE is available for download for a free thirty day trial. During the trial period, SIMDATE supports any date through December 31, 1999. The fully licensed version supports dates of January 1, 2000 and later.
  • SIMDATE is complete with free technical support and free upgrades for as long as you own the product!.
  • SIMDATE is currently installed at over 175 sites all over the world.
  • SIMDATE has many applications beyond year 2000 testing. Use it to simulate processing at month end, quarter end, leap year day, last week's botched job, or any other date you choose.
  • SIMDATE is currently priced at only $2,995 per machine, a terrific value. Quantity discounts begin at only five licenses.
For more information, please see our list of benefits and our FAQ or  email  us.  Of course, you can always call us at 1-323-658-1146. 
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